Phone App


In our technologically advanced society, there are so many resources to help us achieve our goals, be it health-related or otherwise. When it comes to health and fitness especially, there are countless tools that are designed to fuel our success! I personally love using mobile phone apps for a variety of functions, including those to boost my knowledge of medicine, my productivity, and help my patients (and I) reach health goals.

Here is a list of my must-have health & fitness apps...

1. My Fitness Pal
This is my absolute favourite app for anyone looking to monitor their eating habits & activity level in the hopes of losing (or gaining) weight. The app has a HUGE database of food, so you can input your meals and easily determine how many calories you're consuming, and whether or not your choices are helping you reach your weight goals!

For people who have difficulty falling asleep or for those interested in starting a meditation practice, this is the app for you. It is SO user friendly, allowing you to choose various sounds to fall asleep to and the length of time you'd like it to run for. The app also contains a guided meditation capability for those of us who have trouble shutting down our minds!

3. Headspace
A straight-up meditation app that I recently discovered and absolutely love. You get 10 free 10-minute meditation sessions to help you start the process of understanding and practicing meditation. I'd highly recommend this app to anyone who's curious about meditation, but unsure where to begin. It's developed by meditation and mindfulness expert, Andy Puddicombe, who's also the voice of Headspace, and let's just say it's not a tough voice to listen to for 10 minutes!

4. Period Tracker
Geared towards women, but can also be used by their male partners to keep track of everything period related. I use this app with my patients to track their irregular periods, fertility, and anything potentially hormonally influenced (acne, mood changes, abdominal pain, digestive upset, cravings, etc). Once you input a few cycles into the app, it also predicts the dates of your future cycles and fertile periods. Ahh, technology!

Want to work out but don't know what to do in a gym? Don't have access to machines or weights? Only have 20 minutes to exercise? No problem, says JEFIT. This is the app for you. It is exceptionally user friendly, even for beginners. There are hundreds of options on the app to help you mix it up, and it even allows you to track your progress. No more excuses!

6. Skin Deep (Environmental Working Group)
This app is a must-have for anyone interested in increasing awareness of the products they're using, including makeup, skin-care, household cleaners, baby products, etc. Not only does the app rate your product in their huge database, it also gives you a listing of the top hypoallergenic products in each category. Check it out!

7. AllRecipes Dinner Spinner
All the recipes you could ever dream of, in one place! I love using this app for creating and trying new meals in the kitchen. One of the best features is being able to search recipes based on ingredients. I often stare at the contents of my fridge, input various things into the app, and voila, a list of delicious options are at my fingertips! The other bonus, you can set filters for gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian...whatever your heart desires!

Do you have other health or fitness apps you love? Tell me about them below in the comment section.

Happy Apping!

- Dr. Lewis